Policy Studies

The transition to a more sustainable energy supply means citizens, businesses and governments need to make informed choices; choices aimed at changing behaviour and technology. ECN is the ideal partner to advise you on sustainable energy.

What are the best energy choices? And how can you make sure these choices are actually made? ECN provides a comprehensive  overview of the sustainable energy solutions available, so you can choose the most cost-effective solution for your needs. We also give advice on suitable policy instruments and strategies.

Why work with ECN?

  • ECN is multi-faceted:
    ECN’s researchers come from a wide range of backgrounds, including engineering, economics, social sciences and environmental studies, so we can integrate all relevant fields in our advice. This enables us to provide you with the very best practical solution.

  • ECN is global:
    ECN has experience in charting national and international energy trends, developing strategies and analysing and proposing policy instruments. Our well-informed advisory reports provide the information you need to make sound choices regarding your climate and energy questions.

  • ECN is advanced:
    Major industries, the EU, the World Bank and many national governments have based their policies and strategies on models produced by ECN; models achieved using the latest quantitative and qualitative research methods. Our advanced data collection technologies and analysis instruments guarantee the best information for your management and operations. 

ECN services

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