Strategy and advice Environmental Assessment

As an environmental expert with many years experience, ECN provides practical policy advice on soil and air quality to governments and industry.

Air quality policy

Our air quality policy advice is based on our expertise in air quality measuring and modelling.

We develop models for the emission, spread and deposition of air pollution, for example our models for the spread of particulate matter and the deposition of nitrogen (such as ammonia and nitrogen dioxide).

ECN also plays an advisory role and assesses the effect of policy measures. Examples of our air quality policy projects are AirMonTech and JOAQUIN.

Soil quality policy

Our soil quality policy advice is based on our expertise in testing and modelling leaching processes. For example, ECN advised the Dutch government on its Soil Quality Decree. The Soil Quality Decree contains rules for the composition of building materials that must be met in order for them to be used in the environment, and how these materials should be assessed. ECN is also involved in regulations concerning excavated soil and dredged material and sustainably managed landfill sites.

In addition to this, we use our expertise to advise the European Union on policy and assessment methods for the safe use of construction and waste materials. 

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