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Our many years of experience has given us a huge amount of knowledge and skills related to environmental research. This enables us to offer our clients a wide range of products and services that provide truly practical solutions.


Certain locations suffer from bad local air quality. Monitoring air quality on site can give you insight into the local situation so that you can take measures to improve air quality. An excellent tool for this is ECN’s AirBox, a sensor platform for measuring particulate matter, among other things. 

Read more in the AirBox brochure or in the overview of AirBox applications and technical specifications.

Dust Monitoring System

If you want to limit dust nuisance on your site, but you don’t know if the measures you are taking are sufficient, then ECN’s Dust Monitoring System can provide you with the insight you need. This system gives online, real-time insight into the dust emissions on your site and also distinguishes between emissions originating on your site and dust emissions from the surrounding area.

Read more in the Dust Monitoring brochure and the Dust Monitoring System presentation.

Urban Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality is one of the most important parameters for a healthy city with a sustainable living environment. To improve urban air quality, it is vital that you have the right information, at the right time and in the right place. ECN’s monitoring system for urban air quality gives you the information at your fingertips that you need to achieve this.

Read more in the presentation on Urban Air Quality.

Particulate monitoring

Just how much particulate is there in a city, a neighbourhood or an individual street at any given moment? Just how large or how harmful are the particles? And what are they made up of? ECN is an expert in monitoring local situations and providing particulate analyses for governments and industry. We also advise on policy and measures for reducing particulate emissions and concentrations.

Read more in the brochure on particulate.

Nitrogen measuring

An excess of reactive nitrogen (ammonia, nitrogen dioxide) is harmful to the development of vegetation. Are you a developer with a project under threat from an imminent excess nitrogen deposition? Or is there an area in your municipality where nitrogen deposition is too high? ECN takes measurements, develops nitrogen emission, transport and deposition models and provides advice on how you can improve your local situation.

Volatile Organic Compound measurements

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are organic compounds that may be released in industrial activities. They are also found in small quantities in exhaust fumes.

ECN has a range of mobile devices for measuring emissions on site and can also identify sources of emissions in the surrounding area. We combine the data gathered with meteorological information to calculate the total emissions of your business over the monitoring period.

Environmental risk analysis for recycling

Many waste materials can be usefully recycled, for example as building materials. ECN has both the expertise and the facilities to test your products and assess whether they are suitable for responsible reuse.

You can read more about ECN's work in this field in the brochures about Sustainable Landfill Management and Waste and Soil

Hazard Classification of waste materials

ClassifyMyWaste™ is developed for hazard classification of waste materials and performs fast prescreening of hazard properties of wastes. ClassifyMyWaste™ gives you a quick insight about potential “problematic” hazard properties and substances that could render classification of waste as hazardous. Using ClassifyMyWaste™, in a few minutes you have a free scan of your hazard classification and an advice for actions to be made. Starting waste hazard classification with ClassifyMyWaste™ makes hazard classification process much faster.  

Go to the ClassifyMyWaste™ tool.

Process development for recycling

Post-processing can often be used to remove pollutants from your product or to immobilise them, making your product suitable for sustainable re-use. ECN can help you with post-processing. Our in-depth knowledge of leaching mechanisms enables us to advise you on potential processes for your product. Together we can develop a process specifically tailored to your material and business case.


LeachXS is a data management and visualisation tool developed by ECN that provides you with a clear overview of the results of leaching tests and allows you to compare them to relevant policy and regulations.

Read more on the LeachXS website

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