Current projects Environmental Assessment

Below is a brief description of some of the projects ECN Environmental Assessment is currently working on.

  • Airmontech
    Airmontech aims to harmonize the existing air pollution control technologies and to advise on future monitoring technologies and strategy.

  • InGOS
    ECN is coordinating this EU project, in which a total of 38 partners from 15 countries are participating. The aim of the project is to improve and expand the European options for measuring non-CO2 greenhouse gases. Aside from coordinating this project, ECN is also performing measurements. These measurements are performed on the 200-metre high met mast Cabauw, in the middle of the country. There, the concentrations of greenhouse gases are measured at different heights, revealing not only how the concentrations change over time, but also the origin of the gases.

    ECN is working with Amsterdam, RIVM and several other international partners on the European JOAQUIN (Joint Air Quality Initiative) project. The goal of this project is to gain a better understanding of air quality issues, especially health-related issues. This can lead to the development of an effective policy. Among other things, ECN reviews the uniformity of the measurement procedures of the four JOAQUIN stations and ensures that the measurement data is comparable. On the website Cleaner air, better health from JOAQUIN you can find all the information about air pollution in one place.

  • Cementitious Barriers Partnership (CBP)
    ECN is partner of the Cementitious Barriers Partnership (CBP) which works to improve understanding and prediction of the long-term structural, hydraulic, and chemical performance of cementitious materials and waste forms used primarily in nuclear waste disposal. The objective of the CBP is to develop a set of computational tools – LeachXS, ORCHESTRA, THAMES, STADIUM – that are expected to reduce the uncertainties of current methodologies for performance assessment. CBP is a collaborative program sponsored by the EM Office of Waste Processing, CRESP.ORG and Vanderbilt University.

  • Research into the evaporation problem of ammonium nitrate in particulates
    ECN is in charge of the research and development of a standard for measuring anions and cations in particulates (PM2.5). This also includes the common and unstable salt ammonium nitrate, which evaporates extremely quickly from the filter after being sampled. ECN is one of the few institutes in the world that has the knowledge and equipment to research this phenomenon.

  • ECN's important role in European Standardisation leaching tests
    ECN participates in the international discussion about the standardisation of European leaching tests for construction products. ECN functions as the delegation leader in TC351 (the CEN standardisation body within the technical commission). In addition, ECN represents the industrial sector and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, mainly due to its strong position in this field in terms of knowledge and its extensive European network with other knowledge institutes.

  • Large-scale Soil Applications in Deep Pools research programme
    RIVM and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment commissioned ECN to carry out a research programme for the evaluation of large-scale soil applications in deep pools in cooperation with Waterdienst, Deltares and Alterra, among others. As part of its research programme, ECN conducted aerobic (NEN 7373) and anaerobic (NVN 7384) column tests on contaminated soil (for large-scale soil applications) to gain a better understanding of the process and improve the evaluation system. 

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