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Do you have an idea for a certain product, but lack the necessary materials, expertise, process knowledge, design technology or analysis techniques to realise it? ECN’s innovations can provide the solution. Want to know more about ECN innovations that make new processes and technologies possible? Then read on.

Additive manufacturing

ECN is working together with InnoTech Europe and Formatec Aesthetical Ceramics to develop additive manufacturing based on Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology. This technology produces high-resolution materials with a good microstructure.

Together we have combined our knowledge and technology in the spin-off company Admatec, which produces and markets high-grade ceramic products based on DLP technology. ECN has already demonstrated that DLP technology is also suitable for other materials such as metals.

More information about the developments of ECN on the use of additive manufacturing you can find in our presentation.

Bonding technology

Creating effective bonds between different components in products or installations remains a challenge. ECN is regularly called upon to further develop new techniques for bonding, such as titanium diffusion welding and friction stir welding.

ECN is able to produce short runs of bonds and is also more than happy to share its know-how on these new processes with interested companies.

Metal injection moulding (MIM)

ECN develops and produces world-class, heat-resistant metallurgical products using metal injection moulding. This technology produces extremely high- grade tungsten and tungsten alloys for use in lighting, extreme temperatures, screen and vacuum applications. Products are supplied ready-to-use and require no finishing.

Feed Valve

Some processes require feedstock (raw materials, fuels) to be added to a chamber under high pressure (> 50 barg) and at high temperatures (> 200 °C). The standard solution for this is a load-lock system, in which an external gas is used to provide the required pressure and for purging the system.

The Feed Valve developed by ECN provides an alternative, allowing liquids, solids, gases and mixtures to be fed into the installation without the need for an external gas and without dead volume. ECN’s Feed Valve allows accurate dosing of the feedstock without the risk of process gas or material leaking back into the feed system.

Tip: Are you interested in the marketable applications for our pioneering research and innovative technologies and how we work together with other companies and exchange knowledge? Then pay a visit to our page on technology transfer.

Biobased products

More and more products are being made entirely or in part from biogenic (biological or organic) materials. It is important to be able to accurately and objectively determine the extent to which a product is made of biogenic materials, for example so that customers know what they are buying, and to ensure any subsidies for biogenic products are allocated fairly.

ECN is currently developing technologies to enable the biogenic content of (composite) products to be determined.

Norms & standards

ECN’s wealth of in-house knowledge makes us a valued partner in regulatory committees, helping to write new norms and standards. We develop methods which are then used to write new standards. The flue gas method is a prime example of one such method that has become a standard.

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