November 3, 2017

ECN will showcase Direct Multi Metal Printing through exceptional Powder Bed Fusion Processing

A unique process and powder bed approach developed by ECN to make direct high quality materials without internal stress. We will showcase the LASERFLEX Conflux for Direct Multi Metal Printing through exceptional Powder Bed Fusion Processing at Formnext from 14-17 November in Frankfurt am Main,...[more]

September 13, 2017

Quick test helps prevent corrosion

Corrosion can cause enormous damage to products or plants. Corrosion tests help to prevent this damage if they are carried out in time, but they require expertise, experience and the right equipment.[more]

March 7, 2017

New ADMETALFLEX 130 prints high-quality metal materials

Admatec Europe BV and ECN will present the ADMETALFLEX 3D printer at the Additive Manufacturing User Group  conference in Chicago later this month. This new 3D printer, member of the ADMAFLEX series, delivers metal printed components with high-quality material properties and, compared to...[more]

September 30, 2016

ECN Sustainable and NRG to go their separate ways

Minister Kamp from Economic Affairs announced today that he intends to separate the sustainable and nuclear divisions of Stichting ECN (Foundation ECN). ECN Sustainable will be making a fresh start as new research centre for applied research into sustainable energy, under the responsibility of TNO....[more]

September 7, 2016

Revolutionary laser opens new doors for industry

ECN has produced a new revolutionary laser set-up that makes industrial applications and machining possible that up to now could only be dreamed of. The unique device can process ceramics and create razor-sharp machining in metals.[more]

August 30, 2016

New R&D project VaStBlade: lower cost of energy due to more accurate design of large turbine blades

ECN, together with partners WMC (Knowledge Centre Wind turbine Materials and Constructions), TRES4 B.V. and GE Global Research will kick off a new R&D project to enable more accurate designs of wind turbine blades by improved modelling and validation of torsional flexibility (which is the twisting...[more]

August 24, 2016

Switch to a circular economy is vital, also for the energy transition

In the past century, the global demand for raw materials has grown explosively. This trend is expected to continue, and if nothing changes the prognosis is that the future demand for a large number of raw materials will far exceed the supply. This goes hand in hand with resource depletion, heavy...[more]

July 4, 2016

ECN contributes to the MiLeSlag project as a scientific partner

For every ton of produced steel several hundred kilogram of slag accrue inevitably. These slags can be re-used in road construction, which increases resource efficiency and contributes to the circular economy. However, the application of steel slags has been restricted in some countries because of...[more]

April 14, 2016

ECN publishes handy infographic about Materials

Materials science is essential to every branch of industry, whether it concerns the choice of materials, manufacturing methods, environmental conditions, equipment availability, recycling of materials or maintenance. ECN has published an infographic online in order to shed light on all the...[more]

March 10, 2016

ECN and WMC join forces to improve the provision of material research for industry

ECN and Knowledge Centre WMC are set to cooperate even closer in material research for industry. The expertise of both organisations in material knowledge and research are highly complementary. This makes it possible to support industry from design through to application and make available the...[more]

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