Engineering & Materials

ECN’s strength in engineering & materials lies in its ability to provide solutions for complex, non-standard issues. We have a superb track record in designing and realising products for use under extreme conditions (pressure, temperature, chemicals) and are also your perfect partner for materials know-how and carrying out analyses. From tailored advice to practical solutions and from test to production, ECN is your perfect partner.

Engineering & product realisation

ECN can help you with the following: 

Materials & analyses

ECN can help you with the following:

  • Testing and optimising (existing) equipment and processes
  • Developing materials for new applications
  • Materials characterisation
  • Analysis facilities
  • Advice on possible solutions
  • Designing, redesigning, producing and testing solutions

Specific products and services that ECN can offer you in this field:

  • Materials research
  • Equipment failure research
  • Corrosion tests
  • Bonding technology
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Laser processes
  • Physical characterisation of materials
  • Chemical analyses
  • Gas analyses 

ECN services

See the following pages to find out more about how ECN can help you:

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