Strategy and advice Energy Efficiency

ECN offers a number of strategy and advice services for energy efficiency to help you organise your operating process more efficiently and to reduce energy use and costs. ECN can provide the following specific strategy and advice services: 

  • An evaluation of your total energy management to pinpoint areas of potential for energy reduction and cost savings.

  • Implementation of the latest technologies on energy efficiency.

  • Reducing energy use in energy-intensive industries:
    ECN has already charted total energy use in a number of industrial processes in energy-intensive sectors (chemicals, the food sector, paper) and has calculated the associated potential for energy savings. We have also identified the options for implementing the relevant measures, so that you can reduce the costs in your operating processes. 

  • Residual heat solutions:
    ECN offers energy-efficient solutions for upgrading, storing and recycling residual heat. Our focus is on providing technologies and services for heat pumps and heat integration and storage. These technologies reduce demand for heat and make more efficient use of the heat needed, leading to lower energy consumption, reduced costs and lower carbon emissions for the energy user, and to more sustainable heat.

    Read more about this in the brochure on heat technology

Tip: Want to know how ECN has used its research and technology in recent years and who our clients are? See our references here.

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