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ECN carries out research into many aspects of new technologies for energy efficiency, heat technology and process technology. ECN’s research in energy efficiency is focused on two areas.

Using heat technology to reduce energy costs

ECN carries out energy efficiency research to develop technologies and services for heat pumps and heat integration and storage.

These technologies reduce the demand for heat and produce any heat needed more efficiently, enabling you to use less energy, leading to lower energy costs and reduced carbon emissions.

Read more about how ECN can reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions in the brochure on heat technology.

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Using process technology to improve operating processes 

  • Separation processes:
    Industrial separation processes are very energy-intensive. ECN develops processes to separate gases and liquids efficiently and energy-efficiently. ECN membranes are renowned for their high stability under extreme conditions. We have also developed and patented two unique membrane modules: Hybsi® en Hysep®.

  • Treating and upgrading gases:
    Combustion processes release a variety of gases. Thanks to technology developed by ECN, these gases can be cleaned of impurities and upgraded for further use. ECN’s technology is cost-effective and energy-efficient. It is used in industrial-scale large coal and gas-fired power stations as well as small-scale biogas cleaning systems.

  • Intensifying bulk chemical processes:
    ECN has developed a number of technologies for the bulk chemical industry that combine process steps and reduce the scale of processes, resulting in more compact and efficient plants and systems. ECN is working together with partners in the chemical industry to develop structured reactors and heat-integrated distillation columns.

  • CO2 capture and recycling:
    ECN’s extensive knowledge and experience in carbon capture and recycling enables natural gas and coal-fired power stations to operate at lower costs and more energy-efficiently. The SEWGS technology (Sorption-Enhanced Water Gas Shift) developed by ECN combines the production of hydrogen from syngas with the separation of CO2 in a single process step.

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