References Energy Efficiency

ECN works for a range of clients. In the references you can read about some projects in which ECN has used its expertise to help its clients successfully improve their energy efficiency.

  • ECN has designed, constructed and tested a thermochemical heat transformer in contract for the Belgian company Qpinch. This demonstrated the proof-of-concept of this technology.   

  • ECN cooperates with RGS Development, Tata and Ardagh on the development of a thermoelectric panel capable of converting high temperature residual heat (600 ° C) to electricity and useful heat. Hereby, the thermos electric technology  is of RGS development and ECN operates on the thermal part of the system.

  • A consortium consists of end users AkzoNobel, Bavaria, Dow, DSM, Heineken, Huntsman, Lamb Weston / Meijer, SmurfitKappa, Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam, technology suppliers. Bronswerk Heat Transfer, IBK and engineering and consulting company IF Technology and ECN develop a heat pump capable of producing up to 6 bara steam. This is a two-stage compression system where residual heat can be applied to both low (60 ° C) and medium temperature (100 ° C).

  • ECN works in conjunction with Bronswerk Heat Transfer, Howden Thomassen Compressors, Dow and SmurfitKappa for the development of an industrial thermal-acoustic heat pump. This heat pump is powered by a suction compressor and is able to value the residual heat of 120 ° C to a minimum of 180 ° C steam.

    In 2013 Bronswerk Heat Transfer, global technology supplier in the field of heating and cooling, signed a licence agreement with ECN in which Bronswerk will market the heat pump application developed by ECN and the IBK Group. This technology is currently being tested in the paper industry.

    Read more in the news article 'Bronswerk Heat Transfer brings heat pump to the market'.

  • In cooperation with Blue Heart Energy, Teamwork Technology develops a small, compact heat pump that efficiently upgrades ambient heat to space and / or DHW heating.

  • Smart Delta Resources is an innovative collaborative project between several organisations who represent the steel, chemicals, food and energy industry in the Delta region (West-Brabant, Zeeland, Noord-Vlaanderen). ECN was commissioned to carry out one of the first major activities for this collaboration: a Total Process Technology Assessment (TPTA). This TPTA comprises a thorough evaluation and inventory of potential energy and feedstock synergy between the organisations. 

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