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ECN’s extensive experience has given us a great deal of know how in the field of products and services for achieving improved energy efficiency, enabling us to offer a wide range of practical solutions to our clients. The most important technologies and services ECN is currently offering in the field of energy efficiency are: 


HybSi® is the trade name of a nanoporous membrane with innovative high stability under both hydrothermal and acidic conditions, recently developed by ECN. HybSi® membranes are excellent for pervaporation and steam permeation applications.


HySep®is the trade name of a range of innovative hydrogen separation modules developed by ECN. HySep® is based on composite palladium and palladium alloy membranes embedded in a porous substrate which are particularly suitable for recovering hydrogen from a gas flow.

Compression heat pump

The innovative heat pump solution developed by ECN and our industrial partners enables heat to be produced more sustainably as well as more cheaply.

The pump allows the temperature of residual heat from industrial processes to be increased and recycled, for example for steam production. This technology is currently being tested in the paper industry.


Sorption-Enhanced Water Gas Shift (SEWGS) is an economical pre-combustion CO2 capture process that extracts CO2 and CO from syngas at high pressure and temperatures of around 400°C.

Just like conventional pre-combustion technologies, the SEWGS process uses steam, cooling water and electricity, but in far lower quantities and therefore at lower cost.

Testing and measuring with test rigs

ECN has a wide and unsurpassed range of test rigs for testing at different scales, temperatures and pressures and under extreme conditions.Our knowledge and expertise in scaling up test rigs, our extensive characterisation facilities and equipment tests have made ECN an indispensible partner and given us a long track record in collaborating with industrial partners. 

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