Energy Efficiency

ECN plays a prominent role in the development of sustainable technologies and knowledge in the field of energy efficiency, enabling industrial processes to be used more efficiently.

The European Energy Efficiency Directive aims to achieve energy savings of 20 percent in 2020 in Europe. For each member state this objective is translated into a national objective. The target for the Netherlands amounts to a cumulative energy saving in final consumption of 480 PJ in the period 2014-2020.

To be able to meet these targets, innovations in energy efficiency are necessary. ECN develops knowledge and technology for energy efficiency innovations in industrial processes.

Research programme

ECN’s energy-efficiency research programme is focused on heating and process technology, with a particular emphasis on the following aspects:  

  • Re-use, transport and storage of residual heat
  • Membrane separation for liquids and gases
  • Sorption techniques for liquid and gas separation
  • Treating and upgrading gases
  • Intensifying bulk chemical production processes
  • Using residual streams such as CO2 as feedstock for chemicals 

To implement these solutions, ECN works closely with suppliers of raw materials, equipment manufacturers, contractors, engineering companies, machine manufacturers, installation contractors and a range of major end users.

ECN solutions

Technological innovations by ECN can help you make your total industrial process more energy efficient, leading to a more sustainable process, reduced energy consumption and lower operating costs. ECN’s methods for this include:  

  • More efficient use of raw materials
  • Developing more efficient separation processes
  • Reducing undesirable by-products
  • Improving product yield and quality
  • Switching to sustainable products

ECN services

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