Strategy and advice Biomass

Investing in sustainable energy requires extensive, expert and independent research. ECN has wide experience in this field, giving it a unique knowledge base from which to help venture capitalists and governments make sound investment choices.

From full feasibility studies to evaluations, ECN is your ideal partner for strategy and advice regarding investments in sustainable energy

Broad expertise

What makes ECN the ideal advice partner? Our integrated knowledge of the total biomass chain and all its associated processes means we understand like no-one else which strategic issues are really important to you. 

Always the full picture

ECN provides complete situation reports of the requirements of investors concerning opportunities, threats and minimizing risks. This information provides an excellent basis for you to make well-considered investment decisions and also gives more insight into complex projects, making them easier to manage. 

What can we offer you?

ECN’s sustainable energy strategy and advice services comprise: 

  • Review of plans and designs
  • Independent second opinion
  • Technical due diligence reports
  • Business due diligence reports
  • Energy tests, both before and after the process 

Tip: See our page on products and services to find out more about how biomass technology from ECN can offer benefit your business.

Want more info?

Are you interested in how ECN can help you, or would you like more information on our biomass research strategy and advice? Then please contact us.