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Many clients have made use of ECN’s valuable expertise in the field of biomass and green energy. Here you can read about three major projects in which ECN has made an important contribution.

Green energy via biomass gasification

POSCO Energy is a South Korean energy company that converts fossil fuels into electricity and heat. POSCO is looking to use biomass and waste to generate sustainable energy.

A huge challenge to the conversion of biomass into energy is the heterogeneity of the biomass. This is why POSCO Energy signed a research contract with ECN for the construction of a pilot gasification plant in Korea, based on ECN’s expertise and MILENA gasification technology.

ECN is also supporting POSCO Energy with its knowledge of gasification and methanation for converting syngas to methane. POSCO Energy sends samples to the ECN lab for testing and analysis in order to identify and avoid potential problems during gasification. 

Total process optimalisation for Polyprom

Polyprom is one of Europe’s leading charcoal producers and uses pyrolysis to convert wood into charcoal. ECN carried out an audit for this company and its resulting advice has led to improved product quality and production capacity. 

Biomass co-firing in Nuon IGCC power plant

IGCC power plants convert coal and other carbon-based fuels into syngas for the production of electricity and heat. ECN carried out a feasibility study for this client, showing that the co-gasification plant can operate on 50-70% biomass without problems.

ECN carried out a range of laboratory and pilot plant tests and analyses of potential biomass fuels for this client, giving insight on how to prevent damage through slagging and pollution from biomass fuel. The tests and analyses showed that no extra investments are needed to co-fire torrefied biomass (50-70%). They also gave insights in the options available for co-firing biomass fuels.

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