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ECN’s extensive experience in the field of biomass puts it in a unique position. This enables us to offer you a comprehensive package of products, services and practical solutions.


Consult the Phyllis-database, managed by ECN, to gain insight into the composition of biomass, fossil fuels and residual and waste streams. ECN has a wide range of analysis technologies that you can use to determine the composition of your biomass feedstock. 


Contaminated heterogeneous biomass streams need to be pretreated before use. Take advantage of ECN’s experience in torrefaction and organosolv fractionation, a practical technology that makes biomass suitable for conversion into value-added products. ECN has developed technology for producing compact biomass pellets whose benefits include their high calorific value and the ease of transport, processing and storage. 

Conversion and reprocessing

ECN has developed extensive knowledge and technology in thermochemical conversion technologies such as combustion, gasification and pyrolysis. 


The heterogeneous nature of biomass can make it complicated to use in combustion in an industrial process. ECN has the technology to simulate and measure the combustion behaviour of solid and liquid fuels (biomass, coal, residual and waste streams) in real time. Our knowledge and technology in the field of combustion provide valuable insights to our clients in important aspects such as corrosion, pollution, slagging and emissions. 


ECN’s patented MILENA-OLGA gasifier converts biomass into syngas which is upgraded into green gas, transport fuels and chemical feedstocks. The MILENA-OLGA gasifier offers flexible indirect gasification with a high yield. 


ECN’s expertise and technology offers added value to clients looking to convert lignin into biochar and pyrolysis oil for direct and indirect applications such as resins and adhesives.

Testing and measuring

ECN has an extensive and unique range of test installations for working at different scales, high and low temperatures, high and low pressures and under extreme conditions. ECN has knowledge and expertise in preparing, testing and characterising catalysts, absorbant materials and membranes and can evaluate these materials under a range of processing conditions and at different scales. ECN designs, builds and maintains its test installations in-house, enabling it to easily adapt them to meet your specific testing needs. Our safety and control systems (such as gas detection and trip alarms) allow continuous 24/7 testing. Clients can set up their test installations on site at ECN so that we can identify and analyse any problems. 

ECN’s knowledge and expertise in scaling up test installations, extensive characterisation and equipment testing has given us a long track record of collaboration with industrial partners.

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