Current projects Biomass

Below is a brief description of some of the projects ECN Biomass is currently working on.

ECN collaborations in the Gas TKI

ECN is a partner in the Dutch Government’s Top Consortia for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) programme in which businesses and researchers in the Netherlands’ top nine business sectors explore ways to effectively market innovative products and services. 

  • Together with HVC and Gasunie, ECN has initiated the Groen Gas 2.0 demo project to demonstrate how the MILENA biomass gasification technology developed by ECN can be used for large-scale green gas production.
  • ECN is working together with Dahlman on the development of a large-scale MILENA gasifier.
  • ECN has been commissioned by a number of interested companies to investigate the need for and feasibility of converting sustainable power into synthetic natural gas (Power-to-Gas). 

ECN collaboration in the Biobased Economy TKI

  • High-quality energy carriers:
    Scientific coordinator in Pretreatment project (torrefaction development in collaboration with Dutch torrefaction companies and electricity producers). Supervising torrefied biomass testing in power stations.

  • Biomass co-firing in high percentages:
    Projects with energy producers to increase the amount of biomass co-fired in coal-powered power stations. ECN contributes knowledge for use of cheaper biomass.

  • Biorefinery:
    Important role in the Isobutanolplatform Rotterdam plus involvement in the biorefinery in Cuijk. Partner in het LigniFAME project for converting lignin components for use in the sustainable production of energy carriers, fuel additives, chemical feedstocks and materials.

  • Aquatic biomass:
    Working closely with Wageningen University and Research Centre to assist companies involved in seaweed harvesting for use in the manufacture of high-quality products and energy. Read more in the aquatic biomass leaflet.

  • Chemical and biotechnical conversion technology:
    Supplies Avantium the technology needed for its biomass fractionation plant that supplies bio-plastics to Coca Cola. 

ECN is also active in several EU FP7 projects and is currently forming consortia with a large number of parties involved in Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

European projects

  • Biorefinery
    Framework for sustainable processing of biomass into a spectrum of biobased products and bioenergy.

  • Mermaid
    Together with the universities and industry, ECN gains knowledge to use seaweed to supply energy.

  • Sector
    In the SECTOR project ECN is working with the manufacturers and customers to bring Biomass Torrefaction Technology to implementation.

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