Biomass is the fuel of the future. ECN is continually working to develop new technologies to enable the transition to a more sustainable energy system to take place as smoothly as possible. We also offer a range of solutions and services to help you effectively implement these technologies in your business operations.

All around the world, awareness is growing for the need to cut carbon emissions and reduce our carbon footprint. The Dutch government, for example, has set a binding national target for 14 percent of energy in the Netherlands to come from renewable sources by 2020.

Towards a biobased economy

In order to achieve this target, we need to switch to alternative fuels. The use of biomass as a sustainable feedstock to produce electricity, heat, transport fuels, materials and chemical feedstocks is an important aspect of the biobased economy.

Conversion of sustainable biomass

At present the take-up of sustainable energy remains limited, which is why ECN is focusing on the use and conversion of sustainable biomass in applications where it can offer the most added value. We offer you a range of solutions and services to achieve this.

ECN solutions

ECN is developing knowledge and technology of thermochemical processes for the efficient and large-scale production of energy from biomass. Our work covers the entire chain, from characterisation to product synthesis.

Besides producing energy from biomass, our knowledge and expertise can be applied to the efficient production of chemical feedstocks and materials. ECN provides solutions in the following areas of biomass research: 

  • Use and characterisation of biomass
  • Fractionation and pretreatment
  • Conversions: torrefaction, gasification, combustion, pyrolysis
  • Separation and reprocessing
  • Product synthesis of energy, chemical feedstocks and materials 

ECN services

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