Dutch Solar Design: beautiful, functional and high-quality solar panels manufactured in the Netherlands

ECN and partners will be presenting the latest innovations at the EU PVSEC conference, from 25-29 September in Amsterdam

Solar energy will play a major role in the transition to a sustainable energy system. The price of solar power systems has fallen drastically and this encourages innovation. However large-scale implementation of solar energy in the Netherlands – and hence the achievement of the country’s energy goals – will be very difficult as long as long as insufficient attention is paid to aesthetic and varied designs that fit in with the urban and rural environments. ECN has recently published a paper on this matter.

ECN has joined forces with the creative and manufacturing industries to establish ‘Dutch Solar Design’. Like ‘Dutch Design’, Dutch Solar Design is all about aesthetic, user-friendly designs, combined with high quality solar technology. Dutch Solar Design provides designers, technical specialists and the manufacturing industry the chance to accelerate the energy transition in the Netherlands and to create new economic opportunities for both Dutch and European industry.

The important questions are: how can we use and make beautiful solar energy products? How do we ensure they are widely applicable? How do we guarantee these sorts of new products are economically feasible and reliable. This all results in new research questions for ECN and its partners throughout the solar energy chain. We address these questions in ECN Solar Prototyping.

New attractive and varied applications suited to public spaces will ensure that, together with roofs, other parts of homes, buildings and other structures will soon be generating solar energy. These could include not only facades and annexes etc., but also noise barriers along motorways, canopies etc.

The Netherlands leads the market in innovative and aesthetic solar energy products. Our solar energy research is highly regarded around the world, as is our design and architecture. By working together on the production of aesthetic solar energy products, in all colours, sizes and types of application, we can ensure that our manufacturing industry plays a key role in the global market for innovative solar energy solutions. 

During the EUPVSEC, we present our latest Dutch Solar Design innovations with our partners UNStudio, TS Visuals, Design Innovation Group, Aldowa and the University of Amsterdam. You can watch a video of a new generation solar panels here:

Above: examples of Dutch Solar Design: beautiful solar elements to integrate in the built envoronment.

Above: example of how the brick module would be used.

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ECN offers more possibilities for working together on solar innovations and projects. Read more about it:

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