Solar Energy technology and knowledge exchange

ECN’s Solar Energy research is part of the Top Consortium for Solar Energy Knowledge and Innovation (Solar Energy TKI). This research is entirely demand-driven.

Research goals

The goals for the research in the Solar Energy TKI are:

  • To increase the contribution of solar energy to the power supply in the Netherlands and the EU (4 to 8 gigawatt in 2020)
  • To maximise the economic benefits of an expanding solar energy sector in the Netherlands (7,500 jobs and a two-billion-euro turnover in 2020)

ECN Sun programme lines

The ECN Solar Energy research plan is based on a number of strategic focus areas which were drawn up in consultation with the business sector in 2013. The plan uses Product-Market Combinations to concentrate on two specific programme lines:

1. Technologies for generating solar energy 

  • Wafer-based silicium PV technologies
  • Thin-film PV technologies

2. Integration of solar energy systems

More information

You can read more about this subject on ECN’s Solar Energy expertise page.

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