Technology and knowledge exchange for Energy Efficiency in Industry

ECN’s research aimed at developing technology and knowledge to realise energy savings in process technology is an integral part of the Top Consortium for Sustainable Process Technology Knowledge and Innovation and is entirely demand-driven. 

Research goals

The aims of this top consortium for energy savings are:

  • To increase the rate of energy efficiency realised in the Netherlands process industry from 1 to 2% (leading to a cumulative rate of 20 % by 2020)
  • To strengthen employment opportunities in the field of clean, green energy-efficient technology with 11,000 new jobs by 2020

ECN Energy Savings programme lines

ECN’s research plan for energy savings is based on a number of strategic focus areas which have been drawn up in consultation with the business sector.  The plan uses Product-Market Combinations to concentrate on three special programme lines:

  • Reaction & Separation systems
  • Utilities & Control
  • Drying & Dewatering technologies

Three knowledge development areas

The research plan also describes the following areas for knowledge development:

  • New materials and production methods aimed at realising energy savings in process technology
  • Innovative processes and systems
  • Modelling tools and experimental facilities

More information

You can read more about this subject on ECN’s Energy Savings expertise page.

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