Biomass technology and knowledge exchange

ECN’s Biomass research for technology and knowledge exchange is fully consistent with the action plans of the Top Consortium for Biobased Economy Knowledge and Innovation (BBE TKI) and the Top Consortium for GAS Knowledge and Innovation (Green Gas) and is entirely demand-driven.

Research goals

ECN’s Biomass research goals are:

  • To work towards the production of a well-considered combination of chemicals, materials and energy, with the aim of creating added value
  • To develop thermochemical conversion technology in combination with catalysis and separation technology
  • To develop and apply tools and measurement methods to support the implementation of biomass conversion technology in the field

ECN Biomass programme lines

ECN’s Biomass programme encompasses the entire biomass value chain from raw materials (excluding biomass production) to final product. It includes the following six programme lines:

  • Pre-treatment of biomass
  • Bio-refinery of  lignocellulosic biomass
  • Bio-refinery of seaweed
  • Gasification of biomass
  • Combustion of biomass
  • Resource-efficient use of residues
  • More information

More information

You can read more about this subject on ECN’s Biomass expertise page.

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