European Conference of Chemical Engineering 2015

From September 27 till October 1 the 10th 2015 the European Conference of Chemical Engineering (ECCE) takes place in Nice, France. This conference focus on chemical and biochemical engineering for a new sustainable process industry in Europe. ECN has its presence in Nice and you can find us at our booth no.21 how ECN contributes to reindustrialization to maintain competitive advantage: Industrial Energy Efficiency & Biorenewables 

Process intensification
In many chemical production processes, reactions are limited by physics. Reaction rates are often reduced by slow mass transfer of reactants to the reaction, bad heat supply to or removal from the reaction and build-up of products. ECN has strong expertise in membrane reactors in which the reaction is combined with separation of the reaction product from the reaction zone. Advantages can be very high when this is used for shifting the equilibrium of reactions such as dehydrogenation, steam reforming, esterification reactions, or ammonia synthesis.

CO2 capture  & H2 production in one step

A novel (SEWGS: Sorption-enhanced Water Gas Shift) technology for capturing CO2 in natural-gas and coal fuelled power plants is being developed at ECN.  Advantages of the technology include high carbon recovery rates exceeding 90%, considerable saving of investment costs for heat exchange,  and high efficiency due to the decarbonized fuel being produced without noticeable loss of compression energy.

Membranes: Water removal from organic fluids, stable under all conditions
A separation technology with which ECN is achieving impressive results is pervaporation, or the selective evaporation of a component of a liquid through a membrane. In contrast with conventional distillation technology, with HybSi® only the separated substance is evaporated, which results in a vast savings in energy of up to 50%. The organic-inorganic hybrid HybSi® membrane developed and patented by ECN eliminates a number of the limitations of conventional polymer membranes.

  • Poster: “Acetic acid dewatering” Wednesday, September 30th from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM and from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM, Thursday, October 1st from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM 

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