Renewable Energy Support Scheme for 2014

In the framework of the Renewable Energy Support Scheme for 2014, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs requested ECN to advise on the base rates for renewable electricity, green gas and renewable energy. ECN collaborated with DNV KEMA and TNO on this advice. A draft advice was written and stakeholders were invited to respond to this advice in an open round of consultations. Based on the information obtained from these discussions, the report was then adjusted according to the insights of ECN, DNV KEMA and TNO.

The final advice was published on 31 October 2013. The calculations for the base rates were conducted with the OT model, which you can be download here. An additional consultation round was held for the category ‘thermal conversion – extended life’, after which a separate advice (in Dutch) was prepared.

If you wish to contact the authors of these advisory reports, you can contact project leader Sander Lensink.