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Dutch Renewable Energy Support Scheme 2012

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation requested ECN to advise on the base rates for renewable electricity, green gas and renewable energy in the framework of the Renewable Energy Support Scheme for 2012. ECN is working on this advice in collaboration with KEMA. In the framework of this advice, ECN and KEMA wish to consult with the market. A draft advise (in Dutch) was published in July 2011. The English translation will be published shortly.

Erratum: In the draft advice, Tables S.1 and 7.1 mention a base rate for a boiler fired by liquid biomass. However, this category was not calculated for this draft advice, which renders the value in the table meaningless. Moreover, due to an error in the OT model for heat, an erroneous base rate was calculated for biomass projects with 100% heat supply. The corrected tables can be found in an erratum (in Dutch).

The calculations of the base rates were conducted with the OT model:

Renewable electricity

Green gas and crude biogas

Renewable heat


For more information, send an e-mail to Sander Lensink.

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Further information on the SDE scheme, including the Decree on the Renewable Energy Production support scheme and corresponding ministerial regulations can be found on the website of Agentschap NL (in Dutch).