Questionnaire on a new report, to be compiled in 2014

Feedback from the users of the ECN NREAP and Progress Report data

ECN would like to continue making the NREAP and Progress Report data available to the audience. The questions below assist in defining the priorities for this future report.

1. In which form are the PR data most useful to you? *
Data report in PDF
Database in worksheet format
Database ready for use in pivot tables
2. What features would you welcome for the upcoming PR compilation report? *
Derived indicators (annual growth, relative shares, per capita figures)
Not only tables but also graphs
A comparison with other data sources (Eurostat, EurObserv’ER)
Online access and an online graphical interface
More context and interpretation
Comparison to the ‘Indicative Trajectory’ as defined in Annex I of Directive 28/2009/EC
A presentation of data in different energy units (e.g. TJ or GWh instead of ktoe)
3.Which sector applies best to your situation? * Government body
Educational institution
Commercial company
Other, fill in below:
4.Optional: for what purpose are you using the ECN data from the NREAPs and the Progress Reports?
5.Would you like to be informed on a next update of NREAP/PR reports and other ECN achievements? *

Note, if your answer is "Yes':
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Yes, only on updates of NREAP/PR reports.
Yes, please subscribe me to the ECN Newsletter.
6.Would you like to receive draft reports with newly released data? * No, only the final report (expected in Summer 2014)
Yes, but only if it is for free
Yes, and I/our institute/our company would be prepared to pay for it
7.Do you have other suggestions? Fill in below: