Barometer on Renewable Energy

In the field of renewable energy in Europe, the EurObserv'ER (‘Barometer’ assists policy makers to measure the progress made by renewable energies in each Member State of the European Union.

Thematic Barometers are published in a two-months interval and present statistical data on renewables in the preceding year. One of the important features of the Barometer is that the figures are mostly more up-to-date than official statistical offices, because of the direct links to country representatives.

Besides information on realisations, the Barometer discusses the backgrounds of renewable energy policy and it reviews selected countries. Also, industry news is provided.

The bilingual (French/English) EurObserv’ER Barometers are available for download through the following links:

Heat Pumps Barometer (October 2013)
Biofuels Barometer (July 2013)
Solar Thermal and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Barometer (May 2013) 
Photovoltaic (PV) energy Barometer (April 2013) 
Wind Power Barometer(February 2013) 
Overview Barometer - all technologies(January 2013)

Renewable municipal solid waste Barometer(december 2012)
Barometer Biogas(December 2012)
Barometer on Solid Biomass(December 2012)
Biofuels Barometer (July 2012)
Solar Thermal and concentrated solar power Barometer(juni 2012)
Photovoltaic energy Barometer(April 2012)
Barometer Wind power(February 2012)

Overview Barometer - all technologies(January 2012)

Barometer on Solid Biomass (November 2011)
Ground-sourced heat Pumps Barometer (September 2011)
Biofuels Barometer (July 2011)
Solar Thermal and concentrated solar power Barometer (May 2011)
Photovoltaic energy Barometer (April 2011)
Windpower Barometer(February 2011)

Overview Barometer - all technologies (February 2011)

Renewable municipal solid waste Barometer (December 2010)
Biogas Barometer(December 2010)
Solid Biomass Barometer(December 2010)
Biofuels Barometer(July 2010)
Solar Thermal Barometer(June 2010)
Photovoltaic energy Barometer(April 2010)
Windpower Barometer(February 2010)

Overview Barometer - all technologies(February 2010)

Solid Biomass Barometer (November 2009)
Heat Pumps Barometer(October 2009)
Biofuels Barometer(August 2009)
Solar Thermal Barometer(June 2009)
Photovoltaic energy Barometer(April 2009)
Windpower Barometer(February 2009)

Overview Barometer(January 2009)

Solid Biomass Barometer(December 2008)
Solar Thermal Barometer(October 2008)
Renewable municipal solid waste Barometer (August 2008)
Biogas Barometer (August 2008)
Biofuels Barometer(June 2008)
Photovoltaic energy Barometer(April 2008)
Wind power Barometer(February 2008)

EurObserv’ER is a consortium composed of five European organisations devoted to the promotion of renewable energies within the European Union:

  • Observ’ER, the Observatory of renewable energies (Paris, France)
  • Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN, Amsterdam/Petten, the Netherlands
  • Institute Jozef Stefan (IJS), Energy Efficiency Center (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • Institute for Renewable Energy (EC BREC IEO, Warsaw, Poland)
  • Renewables Academy AG, RENAC (Berlin, Germany)
  • Ea Energy Analyses (Copenhagen, Denmark)

The EurObserv’ER barometer is a project supported by the European Commission within the DG TREN 'Intelligent Energy Europe' programme. It is also supported by the Ademe, the French Environment and Energy management Agency.

For more information please contact: Luuk Beurskens.