Internships/Study projects

Each year, ECN offers more than 150 students the opportunity to become acquainted with our organisation through work placements, internships and places to do graduation projects for their studies. On an on-going basis, we have challenging internships and graduation project places that offer students the opportunity to gain interesting research experience within their own field. It is also a wonderful opportunity to get to know ECN as a potential employer. 

ECN is looking for young people in the final stages of their higher or academic education that include the following fields: 

  • Physics and technical physics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Chemical technology
  • Aeronautics, aviation and aerospace science
  • Materials science
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mathematics 

Those within these disciplines who are interested in developing and implementing tangible energy innovation are in the right place at ECN. Click here for an up-to-date list of internships and graduation project places.  

Apart from the abovementioned degree programmes, ECN regularly has interesting internships and graduation projects on offer within out staff departments that are well-suited to other study programmes. Are you less of a technical person and/or don’t have training in one of the abovementioned fields, but you would like to contribute to a sustainable society and work in an inspirational working environment? Then don’t hesitate to check out our internships and study programmes overview.

If there is currently no vacancy that matches your profile and/or if you wish to stay informed of the latest developments at ECN, follow us on LinkedIn: