Building on a sustainable future

We want your energy for the future!

The Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) is the largest energy research institute in the Netherlands. The research centre conducts research into sustainable energy. It has a major influence on day-to-day life. There is ECN technology in around 50% of all solar cell systems in the world, and modern wind turbines turn in the fields thanks to technology which ECN was instrumental in developing.

ECN’s success is determined by the input and quality of our staff, and their mutual cooperation and respect. ECN has around 500 members of staff located in four branches: Amsterdam, Petten, Eindhoven and Wieringerwerf.

Energy innovation requires brainwork. The most important capital ECN has is the innovative mental capacity of our staff. At ECN we are looking for innovative thinkers to work on our primary processes, particularly those who have completed a higher vocational or academic degree in: physics, technical physics, mechanical engineering, chemistry, chemical technology, aeronautics, aviation and aerospace science, materials science, electrical engineering or mathematics. We regularly have interesting vacancies for both beginners and professionals with working experience.

An innovative mind, versatility and a motivated attitude are attributes to which ECN attaches a great deal of value. In addition to this, ECN is in an exhilarating transition phase in which we are developing our technology with and for the market (businesses and SME) to an ever-increasing degree. Entrepreneurship is held in high regard in this respect. ECN offers inquisitive, enterprising and enthusiastic people who enjoy project-based work, working as part of a team, in an inspirational and dynamic working environment that offers plenty of opportunities for development.

In short: are you professional, innovative and enterprising in spirit and would you like to work with us on making sustainable energy solutions a reality? And can you see yourself doing this with and for ‘the market’? Then click here for an up-to-date overview of our job vacancies.

We are also looking for the right professionals in other fields, for instance, within the various staff and support departments. Are you a professional in your own field and do you think you can contribute to the services that we offer in sustainable energy research and development? Do you also have affinity with a sustainable society and would you like to work in an inspiring working environment? At ECN we regularly have interesting job vacancies for people like you. 

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