Vision & Mission

A transition to a sustainable energy system is essential. The major international issues surrounding security of supply, climate change and sustainability all require developments and innovation in sustainable energy technology, consultancy and policy recommendations. The transition to sustainable forms of energy production and consumption provides the basis for ECN's activities. Energy savings, the introduction of renewable energy and clean use for fossil fuels are the elements needed for the transition to a sustainable and affordable energy system.

ECN's Vision & Mission

The transition to more sustainable kinds of energy production and use forms the basis for the activities of Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN). Meeting market demand is crucial for the development of new energy technology. The commercial potential of an invention and its contribution to sustainability determine whether or not ECN will work on its realisation. Industry and the business sector are involved early on in the research so that a clear picture can be gained into the commercial applicability of the technology ECN’s mission is therefore: To develop expertise and technology that enables the transition to sustainable energy management. ECN aims to be an international key player. An enterprising innovator that is an attractive partner for industry and the business sector.

ECN's ambitions and core values

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Strategy plan 2016-2018

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ECN Strategy 2016-2018 EN

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