Joining of forces between ECN and TNO; a single leading research centre for accelerating the energy transition

Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs revealed in 2016 that the applied energy research of TNO and ECN would be combined in a single recognisable research centre that would operate under the name Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) and under the responsibility of TNO. This joining of forces will create a leading international research centre that can significantly accelerate the transition to sustainable energy management. The new research centre will become the central point of contact for applied energy research for parties committed to improving the sustainability of energy management in the Netherlands and abroad.

Energy transition increasingly requires an integral approach
The joining of forces between ECN and TNO will result in a leading institute that has the broad knowledge required for an expeditious approach to the energy transition. The energy research of TNO plays an agenda-setting, initiating and supporting role for the government, the business community and social organisations. The joining of forces will create a strong player that can compete with other renowned institutes both in terms of research and size, in the Netherlands and Europe. This is very important, especially in the Netherlands, where the energy research policy is experiencing considerable changes. The Dutch business community, government and social organisations will gain a very strong knowledge partner to jointly deal with challenges and seize opportunities offered by the energy transition.

The joining of forces between ECN and TNO also provides opportunities for client collaboration. We can cooperate in new areas, and customers can benefit from the broader and improved expertise.

We are currently working hard on the detailed implementation of the joining of forces. We plan to complete this joining of forces in Q1 of 2018.