You can get in touch with ECN in many different ways. Below you find our different locations and contact information.

Head office Petten               

Westerduinweg 3              
1755 LE Petten
P.O. Box 1
1755 ZG Petten
The Netherlands
T: +31 88 5154949
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Location Amsterdam (Policy Studies)

Motion Building
Radarweg 60
1043 NT Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T: +31 88 5154244
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When visiting our site in Petten, you need to identify yourself with a valid or national ID card. A drivers license will not be accepted.

Location Eindhoven

High Tech Campus, Building HTC 21              
5656 AE Eindhoven
The Netherlands
T: +31 88 5154953
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Location Wieringermeer (Turbine Test Site)

Schervenweg 35a
1771 RT Wieringerwerf
The Netherlands
T: +31 88 5154943