ECN performs revolutionary research into new and innovative technologies for a sustainable future. >>

ECN consultants provide governments and businesses with knowledge and strategies for a sustainable future. >>

ECN has services in the focus areas solar, wind, biomass, energy efficiency, etc. >>

ECN supports companies with advice and develops solutions that improve operational processes. >>

ECN supports investors in cleantech with identification of technological investment risks and opportunities >>

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ECN, your partner in energy innovation

There is an urgent global demand for innovative solutions and smart applications for a sustainable society. That presents quite a challenge, but the rapidly growing market for sustainable energy offers tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs who offer competitive products or services at an international level.

ECN (Energy research Centre of the Netherlands) is an international leader in energy innovation. We do research in the field of solar power, wind energy, biomass, waste, energy efficiency, the environment and sustainable energy systems. In addition to this, we advise on policy and strategic matters as an independent party. We frequently do this in collaboration with the private sector as well as government authorities, both at home and abroad. Our research focuses on finding innovative solutions to promote the use of sustainable energy and energy conservation.

ECN’s expertise and research infrastructure build a bridge between scientific knowledge and market demand. Using ECN’s unique test facilities enable organizations to use technology and innovation directly in their business operations. 


June 30, 2015

1.   System integration and flexibility (in Dutch)With this study, ECN has contributed to the development of a ... >>

June 30, 2015

ECN is delighted with the ruling passed by the Hague District Court on 24 June 2015 in the case of Urgenda vs the Dutch ... >>

June 30, 2015

ECN has been awarded €1.2 million to undertake research for the EU-Horizon2020 project TRANSrisk. ECN will be part of a ... >>

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